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Leonicak Set (3 Ite

Rp 850,000

Leonicak Shampoo, Leonicak Conditioner & Leonicak Hair Mask


Ceramic Styling Brush

Rp 950,000


Moroccanoil Treatment

Rp 2,950,000


Alfaparf Set (3 Items)

Rp 2,250,000

Alfaparf Maintenance Shampoo, Alfaparf Maintenance Conditioner & Alfaparf Rehydrating Mask


ProDensifique Serum

Rp 250,000

6 ml ProDensifique Serum (price is per bottle)

Nutitive Nutri Huille

Rp 1,7


125 ml Nutitive Nutri Huille + Anti Frizz (price is per bottle)

Shooting Shampo

Rp 750,000

250 ml Cleansing Shooting Shampo (price is per bottle)

Normalizing Hair Shampo

Rp 750,000

250 ml Normalizing Hair Shampo (price is per bottle)

Daily Care Shampo

Rp 750,000

250 ml Daily Care Shampo (price is per bottle)

Shampoo Aromatique

Rp 750,000

Shampoo Aromatique Doux (price is per bottle)

Kerastase Capital Force

Rp 520,000

2125 ml Kerastase Capital Force (price is per bottle)


Loreal Energic Ice

Rp 385,000

Loreal Energic Ice (price is per bottle)

Loreal Tonique

Rp 385,000

250 ml Loreal Tonique (price is per bottle)

Loreal Densite

Rp 385,000

250 ml Loreal Densite (price is per bottle)

Loreal Renaxil

Rp 420,000

125 ml Loreal Renaxil (price is per bottle)

Loreal Conditioner

Rp 625,000

Loreal Conditioner Absolut Repair (price is per bottle)

Loreal Sensi Balance

Rp 550,000

250 ml Loreal Tonique (price is per bottle)

Loreal Fix Max

Rp 590,000

Loreal Fix Max Tecni Art (price is per bottle)

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