Hair Salon Ubud offers a full range of beauty services for weddings.


Get perfect wedding makeup and hair services only at Hair Salon Ubud. Weddings don’t last a few seconds, but weeks before and after the actual marriage. When it comes to the special day, there is a lot to be prepared, a million different clothes, guest lists, food, and whatnot, and all these things need to be prepared for beforehand. One such important thing that needs to be perfect is the bride’s look. As we know the bride is the star of the wedding, their appearance is the most eye-catching part of the wedding. That is why extra care such as getting perfect wedding makeup and hair services must be taken seriously to ensure the bride looks radiantly glowing on their special day.

Hair Salon Ubud offers excellent wedding makeup and hair services for that big day – the perfect compliment to draw some attention to that wedding veil. Ever consider special bridal hairstyles or makeup? Your wedding day or bridal party could be the time. And don’t forget to speak to us well in advance of the big day, so our hairstylists and makeup artist can help with treatments leading up to your wedding day for the optimal wedding experience.


We also offer a full selection of treatments for hands and hands, in addition to wedding hair and makeup,
also all your beauty needs. In fact, we offer the whole package, including photography services.
Contact us now to discuss our packages and we can come up with something just right for you.
Enhance your special day by getting stunning wedding makeup and hair services
with Hair Salon Ubud!